Ride Like A Girl 2019

Ride Like A Girl 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, we challenged the prevailing perception and moved to empower all women to be all that they can be with our "Ride Like A Girl" campaign.

We featured nine female riders of different backgrounds and riding styles and asked them what it means to be a Filipina cyclist. Through interviews, photos of memorable rides, and advice shared on social media, we hoped to give a voice to the wide range of cyclists out there, and prove that it's a-OK to ride like a girl. 


Behind The Seams: The Triangles Design

Drawing inspiration from the Yoni as well as the color that has come to symbolize feminism, these upside down triangles set in purple highlights our International Women's Day jersey for 2019 — a symbol that is meant to celebrate the life and achievements of all women, as well as a call to arms as we push to achieve a balance for better.


Watch our campaign video from 2019