Women in the Wild

Women in the Wild

In March 2019, we featured 9 strong women of different backgrounds and riding styles for our "Ride Like a Girl" campaign. On that particular International Women's Day, we wanted to show that cycling was for every kind of female as well as highlight some stigmas in and around our culture here in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, 2020 gave us more than what we could chew. While it prevented us from rolling out a new campaign, we knew this pandemic would bring about new shared experiences, both good and the bad.

Featured Women cyclists

This year, we’re back with a few new stories to tell in our Wildflowers campaign for International Women's Day 2021. We’ll be featuring some powerful Pinay cyclists that have thrived and continue to ride amidst the backdrop of this global pandemic.

These women in the wild, the beautiful wildflowers, continue to bloom no matter where they're planted.

Stay tuned as we reveal their individual stories in the coming days to show what type of "wild" they had to face in 2020.


The Backdrop: The pandemic and its effects on women

Throughout these past few months, we observed how the pandemic has disproportionately affected women in different sectors, economic backgrounds, professions, and life stages.

In spite of these issues, many have faced these challenges head on and have remained resilient. However, we must not forget those that don’t have the strength or opportunities to tackle the effects of the pandemic on their own. This International Women’s Day, let’s work on supporting all the women around us by doing our part in making sure that we can build towards living in a world where women have equal rights.

Some small ways you can help:

  • Start supporting women-owned and women-led businesses especially those in your area
  • Speak up for other women that don’t have a voice
  • Reach out and be a support system to friends and family that need it
  • Support government officials and leaders that are fighting for women’s rights
  • Donate to organizations supporting various women’s issues

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